Adafruit Industries presents a Feather aircraft thermocouple monitor with 6x channels, compatible with Feather and Arduino platforms.

Mark W Kiehl wanted to create a project that would monitor six thermocouples on an aircraft. To achieve this, he used an Adafruit M0 Basic Feather and a custom FeatherWing. The FeatherWing was designed to fit either a 2.9″ Grayscale eInk / ePaper Display FeatherWing or a 2.9″ tri-color eInk display, and it could accommodate up to eight Adafruit Analog Output K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier – AD8495 Breakout modules. The analog input connections could be easily adjusted if needed. The PCB, measuring 80 x 65 mm, would be mounted behind the eInk display, with enough space to attach the thermocouple breakouts on the top and bottom. For more details, refer to the original post. Adafruit is a platform that publishes various content related to the maker community and technology. They strive to maintain high ethical standards and provide fair and informative content.

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