Nubia Z50 Ultra: The Evolution of Full Screen

On March 7, Nubia officially launched its first Ultra flagship model, the Nubia Z50 Ultra, which features fourth-generation under-screen camera technology, 35mm+85mm dual focal length custom optics, and Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship chip.

The fourth generation of under-screen camera technology

As the promoter of under-screen camera technology innovation, ZTE and Nubia engineers never stop the pace of research and development. Nubia Z50 Ultra is equipped with the fourth generation of under-screen camera technology Neovision UDC full-screen, full-screen experience is greatly improved.

The Nubia Z50 Ultra comes with a 6.8-inch AMOLED flexible straight screen. It uses UDC Pro+ unique display chip, full-screen blue diamond arrangement, independent pixel driver, and full-scene display enhancement to achieve screen display accuracy, consistency, clarity, and dramatic improvement in display effect under different refresh rates. The front camera achieves excellent concealment effect both in the screen on and off state. The screen also supports 1440Hz high-frequency PWM dimming and UL eye protection certification, with a high comprehensive display quality.

35mm+85mm Dual Focal Length: Image Upgrade

The Nubia Z50 Ultra has a new custom 35mm humanities lens and an 85mm portrait lens. It is also matched with more powerful computational photography to drive the continuous evolution of mobile imaging.

As an exclusive portrait lens, the 85mm lens captures a more focused portrait subject with a more three-dimensional and three-dimensional image, making it ideal for portraits. The Nubia Z50 Ultra is customized with the industry’s first 64-megapixel 85mm periscope telephoto lens with a 1/2-inch large base and support for OIS optical stabilization. Portrait shooting bokeh effect is natural and soft, and composition is easier. The lens uses an aspherical ultra-high transmission lens, each lens has 16 layers of ultra-low reflection optical coating, adding a blue glass spin-coated IR technology filter, which can effectively reduce the large angle reflection of light.

The 64MP 35mm humanities main camera features a 7P lens with 7×16 layers of optical coating, F1.6 large aperture, OIS optical stabilization, and full pixel focus. 50MP super wide-angle super macro 2-in-1 main camera features a 14mm equivalent focal length, 116 degrees super wide angle, ultra-low distortion, and support for 2cm macro shooting. From wide-angle to telephoto, the overall 6x optical zoom can be achieved. Multi-channel multispectral sensor brings a better environmental perception system, shooting color reproduction accuracy is improved by 35%, and stroboscopic degree is reduced by 30%.

In terms of computational photography, the Nubia Z50 Ultra supports Lightning Capture 3.0, preset focus, and super-sensitive focus tracking functions to make capturing fast, steady, and accurate. New Nubia Optical Super Score algorithm, which effectively improves the clarity of telephoto shooting by 30%. Human Image Color System, supporting Skin Tone Protection technology, ensures undisturbed facial color. New Master Portrait Filter, Fujifilm Color Style Film Filter, and DIY customizable filters. Super Night Video, 4K Time-lapse, and 8K Ultra HD Macro Video for even more video mode options.

Flagship processor: Powerful performance

Nubia Z50 Ultra is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor with a TSMC 4nm process, a large core main frequency of 3.2GHz, and significantly improved GPU and AI performance. It forms an iron triangle of performance with UFS4.0 flash memory and LPDDR5X. In terms of heat dissipation, Nubia Z50 Ultra adopts a gaming-grade bionic cooling system. It achieves 4212mm2 super large area bionic design VC, faster and better heat dissipation, with a total heat dissipation area of 41,442mm2.

In terms of gaming experience, the Nubia Z50 Ultra supports a 120Hz screen refresh rate and 960Hz ten-finger touch sampling rate. The game screen display is smooth and the game response is more agile. The large volume X-axis linear motor brings more powerful vibration, richer vibration effect, and lower noise. Super Frame Stabilizer 3.0, which raises the stability of the game frame rate to a high level, realizing long-time frame rate stability and smooth graphics during the game.

The combination of a 5000mAh mega battery and 80W fast charging allows the Nubia Z50 Ultra to last up to 35.6 hours on a daily basis. It can maintain more than 20% power throughout the day with normal use. The Nubia Z50 Ultra also supports charging separation: when the game space is on, the phone can get power directly from the charger while playing games without charging the battery, thus reducing the heat from charging and making the frame rate of game images more stable.

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