Suffix Meanings of Popular Brands’ Solid State Drive (SSD)

A solid state drive, or SSD for short, is a computer storage device that uses flash memory primarily as permanent memory. It is widely used in the military, automotive, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminals, electricity, medical, aviation, etc., navigation equipment, and other fields.

The roles of solid-state drives

The biggest role of solid-state drives is to read and write fast, so whether the computer is on or running some larger due to the program or game, the shorter the time to load the application, the user feels is faster.

Used as an extension of a normal desktop mechanical hard drive to access files faster

Because the principle of solid state drive and a mechanical hard drive is different, solid state drive is a faster hard drive than a mechanical hard drive, so it is used as an extension of a mechanical hard drive, usually storing some files or movies, faster, save more time to copy and improve efficiency.

Used as a dual hard drive system disk, so that the system boot time is shorter, and faster running speed

This is the second common use of solid state drives, it is the use of solid state drives than the advantages of mechanical hard drives, is the system connected to two hard drives, one is a solid state drive, one is a mechanical hard drive, and then the system installed on the solid state drive, so that compared to the installation on the mechanical hard drive, the system starts with less time, and after running, the system is also smooth.

Used to use the motherboard’s M.2 hard drive interface

The motherboard’s M.2 hard drive interface is a special channel for SSDs, since there is this channel, our SSDs come in handy, prepare the M.2 interface SSD, and then use the M.2 interface SSD to connect with the motherboard’s M.2 interface to make the overall read and write file speed up a level.

Used to “resurrect” the old laptop

In some older laptops, due to old hard drives, or aging lines, there have been many bad channels, but also too much debris, etc., the overall operating speed has been very slow, if the method of boosting memory has been used, then you can also use the laptop’s mechanical hard drive replaced with a solid state drive this method, so that the laptop’s hard drive a new look, thus “resurrected “.

Top 10 popular SSD brands and their naming rules

Samsung SSD suffix meaning

EVOHigh-performance model970 EVO Plus
PROProfessional-level high-performance model970 PRO
QVOHigh-capacity low-price model860 QVO
PlusUpgraded version model970 EVO Plus
EVO PlusUpgraded version of EVO model970 EVO Plus
PRO V2Upgraded version of the PRO model970 PRO V2
DCTData center-level modelPM883 DCT
M.2M.2 interface model860 EVO M.2
SATA IIISATA III interface model860 EVO SATA III
NVMeNVMe interface model970 PRO NVMe
TLCTriple-level cell unit model860 EVO TLC
V-NANDSamsung’s proprietary flash memory chip model970 EVO Plus V-NAND
Z-NANDSamsung’s proprietary high-performance flash memory chip model983 ZET Z-NAND

ADATA SSD suffix meaning

XPGHigh-performance gaming brandXPG SX8200 Pro
GAMMIXHigh-performance gaming brandGAMMIX S50 Lite
SWORDFISHMid-range performance modelADATA SWORDFISH
FALCONHigh-performance modelADATA FALCON
ULTIMATEHigh-performance modelADATA ULTIMATE SU800
PREMIERMainstream performance modelADATA PREMIER SP580
SUMainstream performance modelADATA SU635
SDMainstream performance modelADATA SD600Q
NSBudget modelADATA NS100
SLIMSlim form factor modelADATA SP600NS34
M.2M.2 form factor modelADATA XPG SX6000 Pro M.2
NVMeNVMe interface modelADATA XPG SX8200 Pro NVMe

Micron SSD suffix meaning

1100Mainstream performance modelMicron 1100
1300Entry-level performance modelMicron 1300
2200High-performance modelMicron 2200
2300High-performance model with NVMeMicron 2300
5200Mainstream performance modelMicron 5200
5300High-performance modelMicron 5300
7300Data center NVMe performance modelMicron 7300
9300High-end data center NVMe performance modelMicron 9300
PROProfessional-level high-performance modelMicron 1300 PRO
MAXHigh-performance modelMicron 2200 MAX
XGaming and high-performance modelMicron 2300 X
M.2M.2 form factor modelMicron 2200 M.2
SATA IIISATA III interface modelMicron 5200 SATA III
NVMeNVMe interface modelMicron 7300 NVMe

Seagate SSD suffix meaning

BarraCudaMainstream performance modelSeagate BarraCuda SSD
FireCudaHigh-performance gaming modelSeagate FireCuda 520 SSD
IronWolfNAS-optimized modelSeagate IronWolf 125 SSD
NytroData center SSD modelSeagate Nytro 3032 SSD
SkyHawkSurveillance-optimized modelSeagate SkyHawk Health Management SSD
Fast SSDExternal SSD modelSeagate Fast SSD
MaxtorBudget modelSeagate Maxtor Z1 SSD
M.2M.2 form factor modelSeagate FireCuda 510 M.2 SSD
SATA IIISATA III interface modelSeagate BarraCuda SSD SATA III
NVMeNVMe interface modelSeagate FireCuda 520 NVMe SSD

Intel SSD suffix meaning

OptaneHigh-performance, high-endurance model using Intel Optane Memory technologyIntel Optane SSD 905P
DCData center-optimized modelIntel SSD DC S4500
ProProfessional-level high-performance modelIntel SSD Pro 7600p
EEntry-level modelIntel SSD E 5400s
D3-S4510Data center-optimized model with 3D NAND technologyIntel SSD D3-S4510
D7-P5510Data center-optimized model with QLC NAND technologyIntel SSD D7-P5510
PMainstream performance modelIntel SSD 545s
M.2M.2 form factor modelIntel SSD 760p M.2
SATA IIISATA III interface modelIntel SSD 545s SATA III
NVMeNVMe interface modelIntel SSD 760p NVMe

Western Digital SSD suffix meaning

BlueMainstream performance modelWD Blue SSD
BlackHigh-performance modelWD Black SN850 NVMe SSD
GreenEnergy-efficient modelWD Green SSD
RedNAS-optimized modelWD Red SA500 SSD
GoldData center-optimized modelWD Gold NVMe SSD
UltrastarEnterprise-grade modelUltrastar DC SN630 NVMe SSD
NVMeNVMe interface modelWD Black SN850 NVMe SSD
M.2M.2 form factor modelWD Green SSD M.2
2.5″2.5-inch form factor modelWD Red SA500 2.5″ SSD

Toshiba SSD suffix meaning

XGHigh-performance model with NVMe interfaceToshiba XG5-P NVMe SSD
BGLow-power and small form factor modelToshiba BG4 NVMe SSD
TRMainstream performance model with SATA III interfaceToshiba TR200 SATA III SSD
RDData center-optimized model with SAS interfaceToshiba PX05SMU320 RD SAS SSD
HKEntry-level model with SATA III interfaceToshiba HK4R SATA III SSD
DCData center-optimized model with SATA III interfaceToshiba HK4E DC SATA III SSD
XLHigh-endurance model with SATA III interfaceToshiba HK4E XL SATA III SSD
M.2M.2 form factor modelToshiba XG6 M.2 NVMe SSD
SATA IIISATA III interface modelToshiba TR200 SATA III SSD
SASSAS interface modelToshiba PX05SMU320 RD SAS SSD

Kingston SSD suffix meaning

KCBusiness-focused model with fast performance and high capacityKingston KC2500 NVMe SSD
AEntry-level model with SATA III interfaceKingston A400 SATA III SSD
UVMainstream performance model with SATA III interfaceKingston UV500 SATA III SSD
DCData center-optimized model with SATA III interfaceKingston DC450R SATA III SSD
DCPData center-optimized model with SAS interfaceKingston DCP1000 NVMe SSD
FuryHigh-performance gaming model with SATA III interfaceKingston Fury RGB SATA III SSD
NV1Entry-level model with NVMe interfaceKingston NV1 NVMe SSD
M.2M.2 form factor modelKingston A2000 M.2 NVMe SSD
SATA IIISATA III interface modelKingston A400 SATA III SSD
SASSAS interface modelKingston DCP1000 NVMe SSD

SanDisk SSD suffix meaning

PlusMainstream performance modelSanDisk SSD Plus
UltraHigh-performance modelSanDisk Ultra 3D SSD
ExtremeExtreme-performance modelSanDisk Extreme PRO SSD
X600Business-focused model with high capacity and long lifespanSanDisk X600 SATA III SSD
CloudSpeedData center-optimized model with SATA III or SAS interfaceSanDisk CloudSpeed SATA III SSD
SkyhawkEnterprise-grade model with SAS interfaceSanDisk Skyhawk SAS SSD
Z410Entry-level model with SATA III interfaceSanDisk Z410 SATA III SSD
M.2M.2 form factor modelSanDisk Ultra 3D M.2 SSD
SATA IIISATA III interface modelSanDisk SSD Plus SATA III SSD
SASSAS interface modelSanDisk Skyhawk SAS SSD

HP SSD suffix meaning

EXEnterprise-grade model with high endurance and reliabilityHP EX920 NVMe SSD
EX2Enterprise-grade model with enhanced endurance and reliabilityHP EX2 SATA III SSD
EEntry-level model with SATA III interfaceHP S600 SATA III SSD
SMainstream performance model with SATA III interfaceHP S700 SATA III SSD
PHigh-performance model with NVMe interfaceHP P800 NVMe SSD
ZMainstream performance model with NVMe interfaceHP Z-Turbo NVMe SSD
M.2M.2 form factor modelHP EX950 M.2 NVMe SSD
NVMeNVMe interface modelHP P800 NVMe SSD

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