What is the difference between LCD and OLED?

Although the LCD screen can display millions of colors, its internal light source is only one color. It can only send out white light, so how do people make this kind of light change into millions of colors? People use a material called liquid crystal, which can control the size of the voltage to control the amount of light through the LCD backlight layer through the liquid crystal so that we can control the amount of light through.

LCD is the acronym for liquid crystal display, but this does not constitute the color image we see, so while adding the liquid crystal layer, you also need to add to it the color of the light-transmitting film, so that it can display different red, generally can display 256 kinds of red. By controlling each LCD panel, and then adding the red, green, and blue color transmissive film, so that it constitutes a pixel on the screen, each color has 256 kinds of brightness, and the three colors combined together can display 16 million colors.


LCD screen there is a problem that is not able to display pure color. Because the backlight layer is all lit, it cannot control the backlight layer on a particular pixel, and the LCD layer cannot be completely closed, so there will be light leakage when displaying black. Its biggest advantage is that there is no screen flicker because it adjusts the brightness by the voltage level, so the change is more gentle and there is no sudden change. Long time to stare at the LCD, eyes will not be uncomfortable.

LCD and OLED Pixel alignment
Pixel alignment

Compared to LCD, the OLED screen principle is much simpler, its color is directly controlled by a single led light. It does not need to resort to night crystal and light-transmitting film, so it can be made thinner, the thickness can be 1/3 of the LCD screen, but also has the characteristics of bending. Since each led is individually switchable, you can directly turn off the led when displaying black so that it can display pure black.

You can look at the different performances of the two screens when displaying pure black, this time the dark mode plays to the advantage of OLED. If we want to display the time, the OLED screen only needs to light up a certain area of the led, while the LCD screen backlight panel needs to be lit all.


Because OLED does not need a liquid crystal layer, but direct light, OLED in the display will be more gorgeous. Compared to LCD, the advantages of OLED are obvious. But one thing is not compared to the LCD, that is, OLED dimming way is switch adjustment, it is through the frequent switch led lights adjust the brightness, and the number of switches per second can reach hundreds of times. Although the human eye does not notice the change, over time, some people’s eyes will be very difficult to bear.

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